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What is Tree-Free Toilet Paper?

 Tree-Free Toilet Paper

What is Tree-Free Toilet Paper?

No.2 doesn’t grow on trees. It actually begins its journey to the cute TP you see in your bathroom as bamboo, a member of the grass family. 

But what exactly is tree-free toilet paper, and why is it so important? We’re here to break the down facts so you can shop (and wipe) responsibly. 

What Is It? 

To put it simple, tree-free toilet paper is toilet paper that’s sourced from materials other than trees. 

Most leading household brands use virgin tree pulp (it’s a weird name, we know). Virgin tree pulp is sourced from non-recycled materials so it’s the worst of the WORST when it comes to sustainability. 

While some companies offer recycled paper products, this toilet paper still contributes to the depletion of forests across the world. At No.2 we love forests and are on a mission to save them! 

Why Go Tree-Free? 

The NRDC popularized the concept of a tree-to-toilet pipeline in their 2019 paper “The Issue With Tissue.” In the paper, the NRDC explains the long-term impact of harvesting virgin tree pulp. 

The companies that continue to harvest this virgin tree pulp are decimating the Candian boreal forest, one of the most “climate-critical ecosystems on the planet.” 

As any friend of the environment knows, we need swift and transformative action to combat climate change. Each individual who goes tree-free can save 384 trees over the course of their lifetime. If you want to save some trees the No.2 is the TP for you! 

Why Bamboo? 

We know what you’re thinking, “Why is bamboo toilet paper any better for the environment than toilet paper made from trees?” And that’s a great question! 

If you’ve ever seen a tree stump you know firsthand that trees don’t just grow back. They need decades (20 to 50 years) to recover from harvesting. It’s #sad and bad for the planet. 

Unlike trees, bamboo continues to grow even after it’s been harvested. Bamboo also regenerates within seven years, releases 35% more oxygen than trees, and prevents soil erosion (a common effect of deforestation). 

We get it: going tree-free can feel overwhelming and impossible. But by taking small steps (like subbing out your TP) you can make a difference. When you choose tree-free toilet paper like No.2 you’re also choosing a greener, more sustainable world and roll.

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