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8 Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For

Over the last few years, most of us have spent more time at home and it’s changed the way we view our homes, both aesthetically and functionally. New trends are leaning towards people wanting to have fun with their interiors and create a more personalized space. From bold patterns, to wallpaper, to bringing the outdoors in, people are starting to want their homes to be more and more a place of comfort and joy. Here are 8 interior trends we can expect this year, according to designers.



1. Rugs as Functional Artwork
Rugs are not only functional but can also double as artwork. A bit of floor design ensures decoration without sacrificing space.


Colorful Interior

2. Colorful Palettes
Monochromatic, neutral, and muted spaces may never go out of style, but incorporating rich pops of color are a great way to express personality in your home. Speaking of color, check out our new line of colorful bowls and salad servers - each piece is crafted from resin, which is delightfully shatter proof!



3. Sustainable Emphasis
Every year, we learn more and more about sustainable practices and what to choose for the planet’s health. Not just an increase in green and organic, but people will be more selective about what they put in their home in order to have it for years and years to come.



4. Bold Patterns
Interiors are getting bolder and more inspiring each year. This year has been no different. Bold patterns in furniture upholstery and other fabrics can create unexpected and exciting focal points in your home. Rizzi Home’s beautiful packaging designs can give your home that perfect patterned pop of color from bathroom, to kitchen, to family room.



5. Natural Materials
Incorporating natural materials, such as woods, stone and plants into interiors bring the outdoors in and are a great way to break up stark synthetic rooms.



6. Wallpapered Powder Rooms
Wallpaper in bathrooms is not a new or groundbreaking trend, but powder rooms specifically are a great place to introduce patterns and colors taking over larger spaces in your home.



7. Go Noir with Black Details
Black is undeniably dramatic, but using black to as an accent can help bring rich layers and a hint of mood to your home. The best part is you can add as much or as little black to drive the drama up or down. Our Along the Lines style may be the perfect touch of black you need to give your bathroom a hint of character.



8. The Return of Dining Rooms
Open floor plans may have been on trend for several years now, but dedicated dining rooms are making a big comeback. That doesn’t mean a large formal dining room is needed, but an intimate place for family and friends to gather for meals can be a game changer.

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