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7 Ways Make Better Use of Your Potty Time

No 2


The average person spends 182 hours a year on the toilet, why not put that time to good use? Instead of scrolling memes while toilet bound here are some ideas to make bathroom breaks productive:

1. Learn a New Language
Expand your mind and learn something useful all from the comfort of the commode using Duolingo! Duolingo is a fun, free, and effective way to learn a new language in bite sized lessons. Learn conversational speech for over 20 languages while taking care of business.

2. Organize Your Day
Most of us start our day in the bathroom. Whether it’s shortly after morning coffee, or as soon as we wake up, instead of checking social media use that time to plan your day. Think of all the things you have to do today and prioritize what needs to happen and what can wait until after work or tomorrow. Planning your day before it’s begun can help you manage your time more effectively.

3. Toilet Yoga
If you’re too busy to hit the gym or not willing to take your daily run in the spring rain, try toilet yoga! These simple effective exercises will help you relax and release. Try this next time you’re on the john: Lean forward while keeping your spine straight until your chest touches your knees. If that isn’t advanced enough try holding your legs and arms out straight for thirty seconds.

4. Exercise Your Brain
If you like being on the phone during toilet time, but want something more engaging than social media, try brain exercises. This could look like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, trivia, or brainteasers. Bonus points if you put books of these puzzles in your W.C.

5. Meditate
Take advantage of the time you’re forced to sit still by meditating. Next time you’re in need of the lav, try closing your eyes and listening to the sound of your breath until you’re finished with your business. It is called the restroom after all!

6. Make a Shopping List
No matter how hectic your day gets, bathroom breaks will always be a priority (eventually). Use this time to remember what you need from the market or drug store. You can write down your list on your phone or order online directly from the can. 

7. Read A Book
Turn your toilet tank into a library! All you need are the books you’ve been meaning to read, and two bookends. Every time you hit the head you can work through your TBR pile.

Don’t let your toilet time go to waste! And make sure to stock up on No.2 toilet paper for a happy and healthy wipe!

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