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100% Bamboo

100% Recycled Packaging

100% Plastic Free

Sustainably Sourced

Strong, Premium Paper

Silky Smooth

About Rizzi

In 2019, No.2 Toilet paper was born. It became a fast favorite brand for those seeking a more thoughtfully designed or sustainable option for toilet paper. In 2022, Rizzi Home took over No.2 toilet paper to expand the brand and bring the same thoughtfully designed aesthetic to other home products.Rizzi Home is about multi-tasking between details, function, efficiency, and easy sustainability. Rizzi Home strives to bring richness to basic home products and more liveliness to the home.

Elevate Your Home

Paper products don't have to be stuffed into a cabinet anymore. Now with Rizzi you can display your rolls and boxes out in the open for a fun added pop of style. We are suckers for all things rich in detail and color. The subtle pop of color brings life to any room.

Textures and Bamboo

Conventional paper products consume A LOT of trees (27,000. trees daily to be specific just for toilet paper). This is devastating forests. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, strongest and most useful plants on the planet. With the ability to grow more than a meter a day, bamboo is a renewable resource that reaches maturity in 4-6 years or less; in sharp contrast, trees require decades (20 to 50 years) to recover from harvesting. 

When designing our paper products, we decided to max out the silkiness. What does that mean? Well, while it’s certainly soft to the touch and strong, you’ll find our unique texture unbelievably smooth and gentle on your skin. The end result is something more than you expect: real tactile luxury.

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"Your body, mind, landfill, and forests will thank you."

Alexa C. - Verified Buyer


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