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What Is Bamboo Being Used For?

bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo is known for its strength and softness, making it a popular and sustainable alternative to a ton of traditional materials. Let’s cover some of the most popular (and surprising) uses for bamboo.

Bamboo Use #1: Clothing 
Bamboo is a popular swap for cotton, a fabric most of us can find in our own closets. While cotton may make up some of our favorite clothing items, it’s not environmentally sustainable. Bamboo is a sustainable material, making it a common go-to for eco-friendly brands. When shopping for bamboo clothing, the experts recommend making sure it’s certified by an organization like the FSC. 

Bamboo Use #2: Bed Linens 
Many brands are embracing bamboo bedding. In addition to its renewability, bamboo fabric is also more breathable, antibacterial, and thermal regulating, making it an excellent material for every kind of sleeper. For a good night of rest, we recommend this bamboo sheet set from Ettitude. 

Bamboo Use #3: Cosmetics 
From face serums to hairbrushes, bamboo is everywhere! The cosmetic industry loves bamboo and has incorporated the material into its packaging, ingredient list, and popular beauty tools in recent years. If you’re looking to adopt a low-waste makeup routine, try reusable cotton rounds, which are all the rage right now, thanks to one very popular skinfluencer

Bamboo Use #4: Construction 
Bamboo is known for its strength (it literally has a higher tensile strength than steel), so it may not be too surprising that it’s also a popular construction material. Because it’s readily available and sustainable, many eco-friendly building companies opt to use bamboo for construction sites, flooring, and even the scaffolding that supports new builds! 

Bamboo Use #5: Paper
All kinds of everyday paper products are made from bamboo these days! At Number Two, we use bamboo to make toilet paper that does the job while also doing good for the environment. On top of being made from sustainably sourced bamboo, Number Two is plastic-free and silky as can be. 

Give bamboo TP a try today!

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