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100% Bamboo

100% Recycled Packaging

100% Plastic Free

Sustainably Sourced

Strong, Premium Paper

Silky Smooth

This Bamboo Toilet Paper Wipes Away the Competition

Best Bamboo

No.2’s number one mission is to give you the cleanest wipe. But did you know we’re also committed to keeping our economic impact clean, too?

Every ingredient in a roll of No.2 toilet paper is sustainably sourced. No.2’s bamboo toilet paper offers a clean, strong wipe at an affordable price. 

We deliver on our clean and green promise in a few different ways. 

We’re Tree-Free 

Everyday 27,000 trees are used to produce toilet paper. If you’re thinking “that’s a lot” it is

By switching to bamboo toilet paper you can save up to 384 trees over the course of your lifetime.

Good news there! No.2’s toilet paper is 100% bamboo. 

We’re 100% Bamboo, Baby!

At No.2 we’re all about bamboo! Fun fact: bamboo isn’t a tree. It’s actually a kind of grass native to tropical climates. Bamboo is an amazing renewable resource because it continues to grow even when cut. 

Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than a tree. Bamboo also prevents soil erosion (a common effect of deforestation). Beyond its reputation as an environmental superstar, bamboo is incredibly strong. It’s less likely to bend than steel (yes, you read that right). 

Which brings us to our next point…

We Say No to “Butt Crumble” ™ 

You know those annoying pieces of rolled up toilet paper left in and around your butt after a solid wipe? We’re on a mission to eliminate them. 

Unlike other leading brands, No. 2 doesn’t easily tear or crumble. Our wiping power (real thing, we swear) is ranked a 3/3. This means you can feel free to use our toilet paper on your face, nose, and eyes, too. 

We’re Strong and Soft 

Now that you’re well-versed in the powers of bamboo, it’s important you know No.2’s toilet paper is as strong as it is soft. 

Reviewers and team members alike report that No.2’s TP is soft and silky. Our toilet paper is all about having it all, which is why we make your experience as seamless as possible. 

No.2 offers toilet paper delivered right to your door. Unsure how many rolls your household needs? Our quiz will help guide you! 

Wipe well knowing that No.2’s bamboo toilet paper is clean, green, and, most important, in-stock.

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"Your body, mind, landfill, and forests will thank you."

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