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Organize Your Bathroom Toiletries Like A Pro

Toilet Organize

Organize Your Bathroom Toiletries Like A Pro

If you’re anything like us you probably use your bathroom for a lot more than just going number two. Whether you’re doing your makeup, hair, or just hopping in the shower after a workout, we all have a hard time finding that one product we actually need.

The good news is that when it comes to your home, your bathroom is the easiest place to organize. Here are the 5 steps you can take to create an organized, clutter-free bathroom today.

Organize Your Bathroom Products First

If you’ve ever Marie Kondo’d your closet, you know firsthand how important it is to remove all your items from their current places and take stock. While this step may seem overwhelming, a bird’s eye view of your products is essential to any organization project. Put on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and set the mood for some serious cleaning magic!

The professional organizers at The Home Edit recommend grouping items by category before deciding how you’ll organize them. This means you should sort out your items so that all your makeup is together and separate from your other toiletry categories like hair supplies, towels, and toilet paper.

Get Rid of Expired Bathroom Toiletries 

Did you know that most makeup expires within a year? If you’re still holding on to that holy grail moisturizer tester you meant try to but never did (no judgement here) go ahead and toss it! 

While tossing products you once invested in can feel like a loss, it’s important to remember that organization is all about letting go of the old so you can invite something better into your life (or bathroom, in this case).

More importantly, using old products can lead to inflammation and acne. Consult this guide to find out when your beauty products expire and take stock monthly so that your bathroom can stay spick and span! 

Look Into Vertical Storage Systems 

Remember that when it comes to home organization, vertical space is your friend. Opt for modular storage that you can stack to create more space in your medicine cabinet and countertops.

If you’re still running low on space, a ladder-style shelf can make all the difference. While all over the toilet shelves are space savers, we prefer a chic ladder design that can display all your favorite products.

Show Off Your Favorite Goods 

Are you wasting your time searching for your go-to products? Let us introduce you to the magic of acrylic storage, a cute and functional alternative to covered bins. 

Acrylic storage helps you see your toiletries so won’t be left looking for your new mascara right before an important Zoom meeting. 

Dani Boyd, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, shares that “a great way to keep the everyday items handy and organized on the vanity is by choosing a tray, or a platter for them.” 

Display your favorite items like nail polish and lipstick on an acrylic tray for a pop of personality. Bonus points: keep your everyday essentials separate on a lazy susan for easy access.   

Organize Your Bathroom Drawers

Keep things you don’t want exposed to the elements like floss and razor heads in your bathroom’s drawers. If things are looking a little crowded, streamline your bathroom drawers with a dab of museum gel and a set of acrylic dividers

Remove items like razor cartridges and floss from their packaging before putting them in an acrylic divider to maximize space and create an aesthetically pleasing flow. 

Pick Products That Double As Decor 

Who doesn’t love a fun print? We love bathroom products that are crafted with design in mind Display rolls of No.2 toilet paper alongside other fashion-inspired products like R+Co

You’ll save on space and secure a budget-friendly bathroom refresh in the process.

We’re a company on a mission to revolutionize toilet paper, but we’re also on a mission to make sure your bathroom is the crème de la crème of all things organization and style (that’s why our TP is so cute, after all). 

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