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100% Bamboo

100% Recycled Packaging

100% Plastic Free

Sustainably Sourced

Strong, Premium Paper

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Meet the Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper That’s On A Roll

Number Two Toilet Paper

Meet the Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper That’s on a Roll

No.2 is on a mission to change the butt-wiping game for good.

Why are we so passionate about eco-friendly toilet paper, you may ask? Because No.2 is here to help you reduce your Carbon Buttprint™ and settle the toilet paper debate for good.

Here are the number 2 reasons why No.2 is the sh*t:

No.2’s Toilet Paper is Sustainable

You’d think crafting sustainable TP would be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. But the truth is that most leading household brands use virgin tree pulp. If you’re like “WTF does virgin tree pulp mean?” we’re here to explain! 

When a company opts to use virgin tree pulp they’re opting to use paper made of non-recycled materials. In doing so, name brands are depleting forests and contributing to climate change.  

Trees need decades (20 to 50 years) to recover from harvesting and at No.2 we are not about that life! We love trees and the environment, which is why our toilet paper is 100% bamboo. 

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Bamboo is a grass grown in subtropical climates. Bamboo reaches maturity in less than 6 years and when cut continues to grow. Because bamboo continues to grow it’s a renewable resource. It’s like magic! 

Our FSC certification means that the bamboo we use is sustainably sourced (read: not from areas deforested to harvest bamboo). 

By switching to bamboo toilet paper you can save 384 trees over the course of your lifetime. This means that No.2 is good for a clean wipe and the planet!

No.2 is Plastic Free, Ink Free, and BPA-Free 

We know, we know. Our toilet paper is cute. But like any hottie, there’s more to us than what meets the eye!

Unlike those popular name brands, No.2’s packaging is eco conscious and septic safe. Our toilet paper’s plastic-free wrapping is also 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

We also use soy ink to decorate our chic, BPA-free wrappers. Butt lovers everywhere can rejoice that when they wipe with No.2 they won’t be exposing their most sensitive to dyes and BPA

Beyond being eco-friendly, No.2 makes purchasing toilet paper hassle-free. Our subscription model means you’ll never have to worry about running out of toilet paper again.

When it comes to sustainable toilet paper No.2 has got you covered from front to back!

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"Your body, mind, landfill, and forests will thank you."

Alexa C. - Verified Buyer


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