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How To Ease Into A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

 Zero Waste Bamboo Toilet Paper

Have you ever thought about trying a zero-waste lifestyle? We know, we know, it sounds kind of impossible at first. But, with a little intention, decreasing your environmental footprint is totally doable. It’s actually kind of fun, too. 

Ease into a low-waste lifestyle with these simple and sustainable changes anyone can make. 

Focus On One Area At A Time 

Instead of trying to cut out all the plastic from your life, focus on one area at a time. 

Are you someone who finds themselves tossing many beauty products into your recycling bin, for example? Look into alternatives like shampoo bars and soap. You’ll get to try new products while decreasing your environmental impact. It’s a win-win! 

Switch Up Your Coffee Routine 

Did you know that to-go cups (yes, even ones for hot beverages) can take up to 30 years to decompose? Making coffee at home is our go-to for saving time, money, and the environment. 

If giving up your daily coffee run in favor of making a pot at home isn’t in the cards just yet, we get it! Invest in a thermos instead and bring it to your local coffee shop to be filled up. While you’re there, you might just inspire someone else to go plastic-free, too. 

Give Composting A Try 

Countertop compost bins are an easy way to repurpose things like food waste, coffee grounds, and unbleached paper. 

You can either donate your compost to a local community garden or drop it off at a compost center. If you want to give gardening a go, you can even reuse your compost yourself! 

Buy In Bulk 

Purchasing staples like rice and beans in bulk is an excellent way to cut down on single-use plastic. Divide your goods into smaller containers and store them for when you need them!

Purchasing delivery items once-a-month in bulk is another way to save on packing materials that often come with plastic. Try No.2’s toilet paper subscription for plastic-free TP that’s delivered straight to your door. 

Look For Sustainable Product Swaps 

At No.2, we’re all about making environmentally-friendly products that are accessible and simple (read more about our favorite sustainable swaps here). 

While going completely zero-waste may be incompatible with your overall lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t adopt more environmentally friendly habits. Switching out your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one or your drugstore brand of toilet paper with No.2’s plastic-free toilet paper are easy ways to decrease your carbon footprint without altering your day-to-day life. 

Going low-waste doesn’t have to be difficult! Small changes can lead to significant results. And hey, you might just end up leading a zero-waste lifestyle after all.

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