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How Much TP Are We Using?

How much toilet paper are we using 

How Much TP Are We Using?

You know that panicked feeling that overwhelmed you when you reach for some toilet paper and realize you’re out? At No.2 we want to make sure you never feel that way again. 

Subscription Toilet Paper 

That’s why we’ve created a toilet paper subscription that automatically delivers your toilet paper every single month (even when it's sold out in stores). 

Our toilet paper subscription means you’ll never have to make a last-minute stop at the drugstore for your TP or worry about a run on toilet paper again. 

Best of all, your No.2 subscription is adjustable so you can always skip your order or edit your subscription in case you're spending extra time at home. 

Never Run out of Toilet Paper Again 

If you’ve been running out of TP quicker during quarantine you’re not alone! The truth is that WFH inevitably leads to an increase in TP usage. This where No.2’s subscription service comes in! 

When you subscribe to No.2 you’ll get 5% off and free shipping. You can also choose from cartons containing 8, 24, or 48 rolls. You can add multiple cartons to your order and gift a subscription to a friend (what else could anyone want in quarantine). 

Each roll of 3-ply No.2 toilet paper contains 240 sheets and comes enclosed in our chic wrapping. You’ll never feel bored looking at your TP stash again! 

But How Much Toilet Paper Do I Need? 

Many of our customers also report that they go through our rolls slower than other toilet paper brands. This is because No.2’s toilet paper is 3-ply, strong and doesn't tear easily. 

At the end of the day, toilet paper usage habits come down to a few factors. If you’re an aggressive wiper or a woman you will likely use more TP than a single man living alone. At No.2 we recommend accounting for all the members of your household. 

On average, a one person household will go through 24 rolls in 6 to 8 weeks. If you’re work-from-homing these days The Today Show approximates that every member of your household will use 4.5 rolls of toilet paper every two weeks. 

Worst case scenario? You’ll have extra toilet paper on deck. And considering TP is like gold these days you’ll be the envy of your whole neighborhood. 

But really, if you end up with a surplus of No.2 you can always skip your next order. We’re flexible too! Manage your subscription your way.  

Be realistic when purchasing toilet paper! We all use the bathroom, and with No.2 you’ll never be caught without a roll of toilet paper again.

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"Your body, mind, landfill, and forests will thank you."

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