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Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning with These 10 Tips

Spring Cleaning Toilet Paper

There’s nothing better than the beginning of spring. From the flowers blooming to warmer temperatures, we’re all feeling a little better right now. If you’re trying to wrap your head around taking time away from the great outdoors for spring cleaning, getting a head start is always a great option. Let’s cover ten simple ways to make spring cleaning as easy as can be. 

1. Give Your Fridge an Upgrade
While you probably know it’s time to scrub your fridge’s shelves, you may not know that it’s also time to upgrade your fridge accessories. Clear, plastic bins make organizing your groceries like eggs and condiments a piece of cake. Fridge organization systems can also be easily removed and cleaned throughout the year. 

2. Take Your Oven to the Next Level 
If you’re anything like us, the scent (and not-so-clean ingredients) of some oven cleaners may overwhelm you. We recommend softening any oven and microwave grime with a warm, wet washcloth. From there, apply baking soda and go to town with a scouring pad. Your kitchen appliances will never be the same!

3. Don’t Forget Your Ceiling Vents and Light Fixtures
An extendable duster is our go-to cleaning gadget for getting to hard-to-reach spots around your home. We like to open a window, plug in an air purifier, and light a candle for an added feeling of cleanliness. 

4. Give Your Closet a Once-Over
It’s always a good time to go through your closet! Take spring cleaning as an opportunity to assess last season's clothing and donate, resell, or repurpose anything you didn't wear. Turning old t-shirts into rags is one of our favorite eco-friendly ways to get in the spring cleaning spirit. 

5. Give Your Spice Rack a Sense of Order
Spice racks are often grab and go, which makes sorting them each year all the more essential. During this step, it’s important to check for any expired ingredients, unused products and dust the spices you plan on keeping. 

6. Disinfect Your Living Space
On top of vacuuming the space behind and underneath your furniture, we also recommend cleaning your furniture with an upholstery nozzle. Doing this will eliminate pet hair, crumbs, and other debris that may have accumulated this year. Finish your furniture off with a fabric-safe disinfecting spray!

7. Sanitize and Rotate Your Mattress
Besides hoovering underneath your bed, we love to vacuum our mattress and spray it with a cleansing spray. After that, we like to rotate our mattress to extend its life and provide better support. 

8. Rinse-Off Any Children’s Toys
Did you know that many children's toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher? Give your little’s one’s toys a much-needed deep-clean in the dishwasher or sink. This hack is so easy you’ll make it a part of your cleaning routine year-round! 

9. Sort Through Your Medicine Cabinet
Once a year, we like to evaluate everything in our medicine cabinet. Remove all your items before cleaning the interior. From there, toss any expired or unnecessary items. Just make sure to check the proper disposal methods for any medications

10. Put Your Toiletries to the Test
Giving your toiletries a sense of structure with clear sorting bins and routine purges is an essential part of keeping your bathroom spic and span. In addition to getting rid of any expired make-up or bath products, this time of the year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the products you do use. Switching to Number Two’s bamboo toilet paper, for instance, is a choice that’s good for you and the planet. 

Whatever tips you take from this list, remember that spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen in a day! Make a schedule and break it out over the season for a sustainable approach to this season of cleaning.

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