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Could Your Toilet Paper Be To Blame for Your Allergies?

Toilet Paper Allergy

Could Your Toilet Paper Be To Blame for Your Allergies?

Allergic reactions are a pain in the butt. This is especially true when that allergic reaction affects your...well, you get the idea.

No.2’s eco-friendly toilet paper can provide the salvation you’ve been looking for. Read on to find out how you can ease toilet paper irritation once and for all.

No.2 is Dye and Scent Free

Allergic reactions down there may be due to contact dermatitis. Even worse, your toilet paper brand of choice may be to blame. 

Why would your go-to roll cause an allergy? Because most big-name TP brands use additives like dyes and perfumes. While these chemicals may seem harmless, the truth is that they can disrupt the normal pH of your vagina. No thanks!

In an effort to fight vaginismus, one group of researchers has advocated that patients switch to additive-free and allergy-free.

No.2’s toilet paper is both dye and scent free for a hypoallergenic wipe. Tear us off a piece of that!

Opt for Soft Toilet Paper

Rough TP can cause tiny cuts on your vulva and anus. As if that wasn't bad enough, those microscopic cuts can become infected. 

The solution? Opt for toilet paper like No.2's that provides multiple plys and softness. Because your vulva and anus are sensitive it’s important that you use a tissue that’s sensitive too. Bonus: encourage places whose bathrooms you frequent (like your office) to do the same.

Here's the deal: at No.2 we’re all about soft, silky toilet paper that is good for the planet and you. Reviewers report that our bamboo toilet paper is a 3/3 on the softness scale.

Doctors also recommend purchasing two or even three ply toilet paper (P.S. No.2 offers both).

No.2 is ButtCrumble™ Free

Rest assured, No.2 is firmly anti-ButtCrumble™. ButtCrumble™, for those who are unfamiliar, are those tiny bits of toilet paper that stick to the skin after you use the bathroom. Don’t blush! We’ve all been there, and No.2 is on a mission to eliminate ButtCrumble™ for good.

Besides the fact that ButtCrumble™ is embarrassing and flat out gross, those tiny bits of toilet paper can irritate your skin. No.2 is ButtCrumble™ free so you can rest (and wipe) easy.

Many toilet paper brands are loaded with not-so-good for you chemicals that cause irritation and allergies for lots of people. Swap out your roll with No.2!

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