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Beat Your Spring Allergies


Spring is in the air! Warmer weather means baby animals, blooming flowers, and, sadly, seasonal allergies. Before seeing an allergist there are some measures you can take to relieve the discomfort of constant congestion and watery eyes. Here are our tips to beating your spring allergies.

Keep Your Home Dust Free
Frequent vacuuming and dusting can decrease the amount of pollen and dust in your home. A robot vacuum might be a wise investment if your allergies require daily vacuuming. Try using microfiber cloths to dust, as they are machine washable and are more environmentally friendly than single-use dusters.

Use Air Filters
Air filters can remove most (though not all) aggravated air particles from any given room, making air filters helpful to those with allergies. Before buying an air filter consider what pollutants you're trying to remove and the size of the room. HEPA filters, UV air filters, and ion filters can effectively remove dust, dander, pollen and mold. Carbon-based air filters are more effective at removing odors.

Enjoy the Outdoors, Sometimes
You don’t have to avoid the outdoors, just be mindful of pollen levels. Peak pollination occurs in the hours after sunrise and after sunset. Spend time outside on cloudy, windless, and rainy days, as pollen is minimal in this weather. Keep the windows of your car and house closed as much as possible to prevent pollen from blowing in. Try to shower after being outside to wash the pollen off your hair and skin and prevent it from collecting on your pillowcase.

Try Saline
Over-the-counter saline products can offer much needed relief for allergy sufferers. Rinse your eyes with saline drops after being outdoors to wash away pollen. Use a saline sinus rinse to flush pollen from your nasal and sinus passages.

Wear A Hat and Sunglasses
Wearing a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses can keep pollen from blowing in your face. Sunglasses can also prevent you from touching your eyes while doing yard work. If you have to mow the lawn or use a leaf blower, use a facial mask and goggles to keep pollen from blowing into your nose and eyes.

Invest In Allergy Free Products
Alleviate your inevitable sniffles with allergy free products like No.2! No.2 is free of any added dyes, scents and BPA, and because No.2 is 100% bamboo it won’t add more dust to your home like less sustainable toilet papers and tissues.

Don’t let allergies ruin your spring. With a little strategy (and a roll of No.2 for any sneezes) you can enjoy the sunshine without suffering. Happy spring!

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