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100% Bamboo

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Are You New To Bamboo?

bamboo toilet paper

Are you new to bamboo? Read on to find out the bamboo basics and why it makes No.2 bamboo toilet paper strong, silky, and sustainable. 

Why is bamboo becoming so popular?
Bamboo is a kind of grass known for being sustainable and strong.  It has a higher tensile strength than steel and is actually one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. 

What makes bamboo unique is that it can also form the basis for ultra-soft materials. Because bamboo continues to grow once it’s cut, bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource used to create all kinds of eco-friendly products like toothbrushes, computer paper, and TP. 

Where does bamboo come from?
While you may associate bamboo with pandas, you can actually find bamboo in areas around the world! Botanists have identified over 1,200 species of bamboo in subtropical climates like Southeast Asia, South America, and the Southeastern part of the United States. 

The bamboo that No.2 uses comes from the Sichuan province of China. 

Why is bamboo toilet paper better and more sustainable?
The supply of suitable wood and paper products is declining. As much as 30% of the world’s wood is produced illegally, and most paper products come from virgin tree pulp, a non-recycled material. As a result, regular TP plays a massive role in depleting forests and contributing to climate change.  

The good news is that bamboo makes up all of our TP here at No.2! Bamboo regenerates within seven years, releases 35% more oxygen than trees, and prevents soil erosion (a common deforestation effect). Simply by switching to bamboo toilet paper, you can save 384 trees throughout your lifetime

How is bamboo turned into TP?
Creating bamboo toilet paper is pretty similar to making regular toilet paper, but instead of using wood chips or tree paper, it uses bamboo. To create bamboo TP, bamboo is broken down into fibers and turned into bamboo pulp. From there, the pulp is pressed to form toilet paper and dried. 

What makes No.2 TP so special? 
In addition to being tree-free, our TP is also as strong as it is soft. Reviewers and team members alike report that No.2’s TP is smooth and silky. 

Our TP balances the softness and strength you’ve come to expect with plastic-free packaging, soy ink printed wrapping, and septic safe precautions. We also use sustainably sourced bamboo. 

To see what bamboo toilet paper is all about, give it a try! 

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