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Are You A Good Wiper?


It’s never too late to change the way you wipe. Find out how you can become the best wiper possible with these five tips. 

1. Wipe Front to Back 
While it might feel more comfortable to wipe back to front, the truth is that doing so could increase your risk of transferring bacteria to your urethra. Poor wiping can lead to not-so-fun outcomes like UTIs and anal itching, which isn’t nice for anyone. Improve your wiping game by reaching around your back and through your legs to wipe front to back. If this is uncomfortable, reach in between your legs before wiping in a front to back motion. 

2. Try A New Grooming Routine 
If you’re looking for a smooth wipe every time, removing the hair in your butt could provide a cleaner wipe. The not-so-pretty picture is that the hair in your butt sometimes clings on to feces and other particles, which can lead to a rougher wipe. At-home wax strips and routine salon visits could all provide the clean wipe you’re looking for. 

3. Add A Bidet or Bidet Hose To Your Toilet 
Did you know you can wipe and use a bidet too? Washing your bottom with a bidet and then wiping is one of the simplest ways to ensure a fresh and clean bathroom trip every time. You can easily attach an affordable bidet hose to your toilet for the cleanest wipe of your life. 

4. Avoid Wet Wipes 
While it might seem like wet wipes are a perfect option, they can often do more harm than good. The wet wipes ingredients can cause anal and skin irritations, which can lead to anal discomfort when you wipe. If you still want a more thorough cleaning, try the 3rd tip we mentioned and opt for a bidet attachment. 

5. Sterilize Your Electronics
It’s okay to admit that you use your phone on the toilet (who doesn’t)? What’s not okay is to go through life without regularly sterilizing your phone. The experts recommend a steady routine of electronics-safe wiping to remove bacteria. Scroll safely with good, clean hygiene! 

Whether you’re the best wiper or just learning, No.2 can provide the clean, soft wipe you need.

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