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8 Everyday Products That Will Beautify Your Home

It’s more important than ever to stay inspired by your surroundings. From soap to shaving, each of these items is No.2-approved for their style and simplicity. 



The Best Bandages 

Never rifle through your medicine cabinet in search of a bandaid again! Welly makes chic, centralized band aid kits that will brighten your mood and fit wounds of all sizes. 



Clean Cult

Eco-Friendly Soap

Wash up with CleanCult’s natural soap. CleanCult’s products are delivered straight to your home and are the perfect companion piece for your No.2 subscription

CleanCult’s light and bright sets also cut out the need for single-use plastic, making it a necessity for anyone who’s been worried about their frequent hand washing’s environmental impact. 



Cute Cookware Sets 

A host of brands giving new meaning to the phrase ‘fashion plate.’ Caraway’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-stick pans are the perfect gift for a friend or, and let’s be honest, yourself. 

A cute cookware set will make even the most reluctant cook a certifiable chef. 



Flower Subscriptions 

Companies like Bouqs are adding pizzazz to homes across the country with customized floral arrangements that are delivered straight to your door. Bouqs sources their flowers from eco-friendly farms and then has a local florist lend their unique touch. 

A farmers-market feel from home? Count us in! 



Reusable Cups Fit for Any Routine 

Are you looking to reduce your plastic consumption? The easiest swap you can make is opting for a reusable cup. 

Whether you need a reusable coffee mug or something to take your wine-to-go, Swig has got you covered with fun prints and functional design. 


The Sill

The Perfect Plant Subscription 

It seems like everyone is a plant parent these days. Unleash your inner greenthumb with The Sill, a subscription service that delivers potted plants to your home. 

Their beginner, low light, and pet parent subscription boxes can be tailored towards plant parents at any stage, even those of us who worry that we’re not quite ready yet. 


Cancelled Plans

Candles Crafted for the Moment 

Cute candle company Cancelled Plans epitomizes 2020. Their ‘Do Not Disturb’ candle is the perfect desk addition for when you just can’t handle another Zoom meeting. 

Ambience is everything, after all. 



Really Great Razors 

Add a pop of color to your shower with Billie, the razor that’s changing the shaving game. Billie’s products offer a clean shave for you and the environment. 


Brightening up your home is easy with these picture-perfect finds! For stylish toilet paper you and your butt can get behind choose No.2

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