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7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Holiday Tips

7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Make your home ready for guests and gifts alike with No.2’s guide for the holidays!

1. Reheat Dishes
An easy way to get your house ready for the rush of the holidays is to meal prep. Some of our favorite meals to make ahead of time and reheat are: the easiest stuffing of all time, slow cooker cranberry sauce, and this vegan gravy. While meal prep can seem daunting, in reality it gives you time and space to create dishes before family and friends arrive. Don’t spend all day stressing in the kitchen when you can just warm up what you already made.

2. Be Prepared
Winter means snow and ice and potential power outages. Make sure to stalk up on flashlights, candles and blankets before the weather turns freezing. We like this Electric LED Camping Lantern that comes with a charging cable and a hand crank. This lantern also has a USB port to keep your devices charged in any situation.

3. Extra Cleaning Supplies
With a house full of family and friends more messes can arise. Stock up on extra cleaning supplies now to stay ahead of any potential spillage. This vegan, cruelty free stain remover is perfect for clothing, carpets, linens and bedding. Pair it with these microfiber cleaning cloths to absorb spills before they set.

4. Stock Your Bathroom with Essentials
Make your visitors feel at home by keeping your bathroom well stocked. This means plenty of hand soap, fresh towels, and of course lots of No.2 toilet paper! For an extra special touch, invest in travel-sized essentials like deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and feminine hygiene products.

5. Get Gifts Soon
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your gifts. Spreading out your purchases in the weeks leading up to the holidays will save you money and stress. Take advantage of Cyber Monday to avoid crowds and get deals on all those pricey gifts like the new Apple Airpods Pro and an analog Air Fryer.

6. Clear Out the Fridge
Clean out your fridge and cabinets to make room for extra groceries and leftovers. While perishable items may not be able to be saved, boxed and canned items that aren’t passed their expiration dates can be donated to local food drives. Check your local grocery story to find out more about food drives and food pantry needs.

7. Make Room
After making room in your fridge, clear out common spaces to make room for decorations, guests, and gifts. This could look like moving coffee table books, decreasing the number of throw pillows on your couch, or moving non-essential toys to a basement or attic.

Hosting the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful, with a little bit of preparation you can enjoy the season and keep your guests feeling at home.

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