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6 Tips to Simplify Your Home

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Since it’s too hot to go outside, spend these scorching summer days simplifying your home. Decluttering and organizing will make your home feel cleaner, more spacious, and calmer. Here are our favorite ways to get rid of what you don’t need and keep clutter from building up. 

1. Start A Decluttering Box
A great place to begin simplifying your home is to start a box for everything you don’t use. This could be outfits you never wear, books you’ve held onto since high school, or that duplicate potato peeler you were gifted. Instead of challenging yourself to clean out your entire home over one stressful weekend, a decluttering box allows you to simplify your home gradually. When the box gets full you can make a trip to the donation center. 

2. Say No
It’s easy to accumulate stuff without even realizing it, especially if it’s free. An easy way to simplify your home is to say no to all those little extras you don’t need. Before you take a free sample, or say yes to the hand-me-downs your friend is offering you, think about if you truly need these products or if they’ll only add more clutter to your home.

3. Keep Surfaces Clear
Visual clutter can make your home feel messy and claustrophobic. Try to keep only the essentials on countertops and coffee tables. If you don’t know what is “essential” for you, try putting everything away and see what you reach for regularly. As a bonus, you’re more likely to clean your surfaces routinely if you don’t have to move clutter and knick-knacks.

4. Use What You Already Have
When going on an organization kick, it can be tempting to buy bins, baskets and containers. Unfortunately, these so-called “organization tools” are a great way to hide clutter, and add more stuff to your home. Before spending money, look around at what you already have. Instead of buying a drawer organizer, try cutting up a cardboard box into dividers. It’s easy to paint and decorate repurposed food and electronic boxes to fit your aesthetic.  

5. Share and Borrow
It’s so tempting to buy everything we want, but this can easily lead to wasting money and throwing more stuff in the garbage. When you can, think of what you can share and what you can borrow. Instead of buying that new hardcover book you want to read, get it from the library. If you need more baby clothes, start by asking friends and family what they can give away or lend. Conversely, you can offer things in return. Before taking your decluttering box to the donation center see if your friends want that old board game or fanny pack.

6. Be a Critical Shopper
Being critical with your purchases before you buy them is the best way to reduce clutter and save money. Impulse shopping may feel good in the moment but it only leads to guilt later. If you don’t know how to start shopping critically, try thinking about the sustainability of everything you bring into your home, including the necessities. Sustainably made items will last longer, and you’ll be spending money on a company that doesn’t participate in pollution or unfair labor practices. A great place to start your critical shopping journey is with No.2 toilet paper. Made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo and free of BPA, dyes, and scents, No.2 is a necessary purchase you can feel good about.

Simplifying your home will not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also remind you that experiences are far more valuable than owning things.

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