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11 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Paper Waste

Paper Waste


  1. 23% of Americans don’t recycle. In addition to urging your friends and family to vote this fall, educate them on the benefits of recycling, too.

  2. More than 4 million pounds of junk mail is produced and distributed each year. Pro tips: the website OptOutPrescreen can help you unsubscribe from credit offers, and the app PaperKarma can help unsubscribe you from junk mail.

  3. Recycled toilet paper has higher levels of BPA than traditional TP. Try No.2’s BPA-free toilet paper instead!

  4. Paper and cardboard materials are the largest contributors to municipal solid waste. Try and combine online orders or only place orders once-a-month to cut down on paper waste.

  5. You may be wondering what to do with your wrapping paper (spoiler: wrapping paper isn’t always recyclable) with the holidays approaching. Opt for an eco-friendly wrapping paper like that made by the woman-owned company Wrappily!

  6. Having trouble recycling your paper shreds? You can reuse paper shreds as packing material or even donate it to an animal shelter who uses it as bedding. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your paper out of old paper shreds.

  7. New research from the University of Oregon suggests that plastic bags’ carbon footprint is less than for paper bags. Reusable bags for the win!

  8. 50% of business waste is made up of paper. If the rise in remote work means less paper waste, then we’re all for it.

  9. Even worse, out of everything printed, approximately 17% of it is considered waste.

  10. Composting paper is another way to reduce paper waste.

  11. The average American uses seven trees worth of paper each year. You can cut down on your paper waste by switching to bamboo toilet paper brand No.2, which will save you 384 trees throughout your life!
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