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10 Toilet Paper Facts That Will Redefine Potty Talk

 10 Toilet Paper Facts

10 Toilet Paper Facts That Will Redefine Potty Talk

No.2’s chic packaging is a conversation starter, to be sure. But if you really want to wow your audience check out these 10 toilet paper factoids that have us rethinking everything from our relationships to our National Toilet Paper Day plans.

1. At No.2 we consider our toilet paper standards to be very high. We can’t outshine Kris Jenner and Beyonce though, who respectively use black and red toilet paper exclusively. The sad truth? According to Kourtney Kardashian, Kris’ TP is not Butt Crumble free. Get that mama a roll of No.2 bamboo TP, please!

2. Covid-era TP fears are nothing new! In 1973 there was an actual toilet paper shortage when Johnny Carson’s writers misquoted a Congressman’s warning that there could “potentially” be a shortage. Americans rushed to their local stores to stock up and created the very shortage they feared. If only they had No.2 back then!

3. Some people are even crazier about toilet paper than we are! One Massachusetts couple, Rich and Flo Newman, have a toilet paper collection they’ve dubbed the The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum. Their collection includes over 1,500 kinds of toilet paper taken from all over the world. One such piece is signed by Madonna.

4. Before toilet paper’s invention people were desperate for a clean wipe. French Royalty opted for lace, which is probably as close as anyone has ever gotten to matching No.2’s silky, smooth finish.

5. Some in North Carolina were so desperate to secure their toilet paper stash during Covid-19 shortages that they stole a delivery truck armed with 18,000 pounds of toilet paper. Why did no one tell them about No.2’s toilet paper subscription?

6. Relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle created the “Toilet Paper Personality Test.” She reports that those who roll their toilet paper under are less dominant than those who roll their toilet paper over. Try that fact out on your next date!

7. Speaking of the over/under debate: the right way to hang your toilet paper is over. The original toilet paper patent reveals that toilet paper should hang over the roll. We rest our case.

8. Grab your favorite prints of eco-friendly No.2 and celebrate our favorite holiday, National Toilet Paper Day! It happens every year on August 26th

9. Splinter free toilet paper (yes, you read that correctly) didn’t exist until 1935. Never have we ever been so grateful for modern technology!

10. One baker was so racked by Coronavirus-anxiety that she decided to bake a toilet paper inspired cake. The photos went viral and now we obviously need a TP cake to celebrate National Toilet Paper Day!

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